Monday, June 19, 2006

Ribs, Wings and Potato Salad

Yesterday was Father's Day - day of what should have been barbeque or BBQ or barbecue for those who aren't brought to you by the letter Q. I went up to visit my parents (solo; my boyfriend has yet to meet them and he was working in any event), have a bit of a nosh and drop off his little prezzie. We were meant to have some nice pork ribs on the Q with some salad and pie for dessert but the weather just didn't co-operate. The sun was shining down and the humidity was pretty low, but the wind just didn't co-operate. Thankfully, my parents hit upon this braised rib thing they do where they boil the ribs to cook them completely before glazing and dropping on the grill for some flavour. Not gonna happen with the kind of wind we had yesterday so it was down to having them glazed in the oven - not a bad subsitute, but why they didn't think to use the indoor Jenn-Air grill they have, I'll never really get to ask.

Anyway, after a few glasses of Cat's Pee on a Gooseberry Bush Sauvignon Blanc I volunteered to go with my Dad to pick up 5 pounds of chicken wings to add to the feast. We got 2 pounds of Creamy Caesar Parmesan, 2 pounds of Honey Jerk and 1 pound of this variety known as Canadiana (which I believe was nearly suicide pepper sauce with teriyaki on top of that - very strange but delicious nonetheless). Add to that my mum's homemade potato salad and we're talking a VERY meaty dinner that kept me well stuffed till this morning. Dessert was a nice storebought cherry pie with coffee - love me some cherry pie.

Right, so now here comes the recipe part...

Mum's Potato Salad

Take some potatoes (firm, waxy ones), clean out the eyes and scrub. Boil along with some eggs until tender (you can take the eggs out midway through when they're hardboiled). Cool both potatoes and eggs down and peel, cutting into 1/2" dice. Mix with Miracle Whip (or mayonnaise if you must), a bit of yellow mustard, a bunch of creamy horseradish sauce, salt and pepper. Add some sliced scallions if you like or minced onion if you prefer. Put into a bowl and sprinkle with some paprika - place in refrigerator for at least an hour to let the flavours come together. Eat with gusto and extra salt if you like.

See? Nothing much to it, the proportions and measurements are kind of irrelevant for this kind of dish as far as I'm concerned. This ain't no fine salade de pommes de terre et oeuves mayonnaise. This is simple, hearty and delicious potato salad to share. Give it a go!


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