Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Noshing in Montréal

For anyone who doesn't yet know, I've been participating in a few little threads over at Kitchen, by Apartment Therapy. We got into a very cool conversation about capers the other day (which has inspired a caper-filled post which I have yet to complete; patience my precious, patience!). Leeds, a contributer to the conversation, is from Montréal and had plenty to say about where to nosh and market in that fine city. Here's what we've got:

At Marché Atwater, check Premiere Moisson’s bread & (all butter) croissants. Les Douceurs du Marché for great tea selection, spices, oils etc.

Voted as having best croissants: Duc de Lorraine Patisserie, 5002 Cote des Neiges, all-butter croissants, cheeses, deli, great cafe au lait, in a bowl. It has a tearoom/terrasse; good for breakfast; close to St. Joseph's Oratory. At Marché Jean-Talon, 7070 Henri-Julien Ave.(Premiere Moisson has a shop here too), check cheese shops: Hamel, and Qui Lait Cru!?! (raw milk products, yum![And hard to find! Eric]) The excellent Le Marché des Saveurs du Quebec (All Quebec products, excellent selection, including fish, meats, patés).

Restaurants-too many to do justice. Enjoy! There’s ubiquitous Schwartz’ Smoked Meat on 'The Main'(Blvd.St. Laurent). I personally recommend Quebec Smoked Meat, 1889 rue Centre (514)935-5297; they smoke all their meats themselves, no nitrates, excellent products (no tables in the shop, they just sell you the components. Worth the detour. The rest: Smoked Meat Pete’s also got acclaim by Montrealers; it’s out of the way, but if you want to go for a nice drive: 283, 1Re Ave, L’Ile Perrot, QC. Le Cabaret du Roy is a restaurant in Old Montreal - the menu, entertainment, characters, decor, are just like it was in 16th century Quebec (Nouvelle France). Entertaining and educational.

Montréal Bagels: St. Viateur Bagel Shop, 263 St. Viateur, or Fairmont Bagel, 74 Fairmont; call for special orders such as 'all-dressed', etc.

In Old Montreal: Olive & Gourmando, 351 St. Paul, artisanal bakery
(breakfast/lunch), featuring fab brownies etc. AND on Friday and Saturday only: chocolate bread (not cake!), dark dense bread, not sweet, with a HUGE chunk of dark Valhrona chocolate baked into it! Good.

Miu-Miu: ice cream shop on St. Denis below Mt. Royal; very different flavours (mostly made with organic ingredients) features a selection of frozen soya milk ice cream.

For truly adventurous palates: at the Insectarium there is an ‘insect tasting’ featuring edible critters prepared by specialized chefs!

If you have the time and desire: La Route des Saveurs (The Flavour Trail) connects local cheesemakers, farmers and meat producers who open doors to public for tours, demos and tastings.

Book: Gastronomy and the Forest is now available in English, fusing the best of Quebec’s great outdoors & its fine cuisine, features photos & recipes for local favourites such as trout pie and caribou pot-au-feu.

Wow! That's quite the full listing! I'll have to see about adding the
Toronto-based version over the next little while!

Bon shopping, mes amis!


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