Thursday, July 20, 2006

Loving the linkage!

Each morning whilst I sip my coffee and pretend to be working, I review my daily bloglines and come across some pretty interesting links that I'd love to share with you all.

First, I got my Whole Foods online sales flyer to go through, but more imporantly the newsletter included a few links to Cook's Illustrated Paella recipes, including a recommendation that Arborio rice is acceptable but Valencia rice is the preferred rice by their testers. They even include a link to their review of paella pans (I'm not sure how long these links are going to be good, get in whilst you can!) Now, I'm not entirely sure that cooking something in my oven is a good idea these days, what with the heat and humidity and all, but still its something I'd love to eat right now.

Epicurious now has a Most Popular Recipe section which can be found here. Take a look at what ranks #7! Its good for a giggle!


At 10:29 p.m., Anonymous ann said...

lol, i think it's moved to #10 now... if you're talking about the world's most important aspect of cooking pasta (don't want to ruin it for others!)

At 10:35 p.m., Blogger Eric said...

I should certainly hope so, Ann!
Welcome to the site, btw! :-)


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